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Create a fitness app with your own content and branding.

Your followers can subscribe or make one-off payments to access workouts, progress tracking and nutrition plans.

How much could you make?


Set your own pricing, no upfront fees, no lock-in contracts, earn 70% from every subscriber and purchase.

Subscribers at $29.99/month
Monthly recurring revenue


Logo and branding

We get it, looking the real deal is important - so we’ve completely removed our branding to make way for yours!


We’ve teamed up with a world leading nutritionist to create goal focused and enjoyable recipes for your subscribers. Included in every subscription.

Progress tracking

Keep your subscribers accountable with tracking their progress through photos and measurements. You’ll also receive a notification every time a subscriber updates their progress.

Get paid easily

Keep creating the fitness content you love and get paid seamlessly, on time and straight to your chosen bank account.

Program versatility

HIIT, Tabata, Hypertrophy, Yoga or Circuit. Create programs for almost every type of workout imaginable.


iloveyoujennayyyyyy So happy I came across Flex Fitness earlier this year. I was very hesitant to move my fitness business online however the team gave me so much support and tools to build my online fitness business.
coachclayton Flex Fitness has changed the way I make money. I can now monetise my fitness content while changing the lives of my followers. Their team is always quick to response to questions and very open to feature suggestions. I highly recommend.
avatar Working with Flex Fitness has been amazing... it’s allowed me to give my community a structured program while also providing me the freedom and time to focus on growing the community.

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